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Environmental, Social and Governance Considerations

Environmental, Social and Governance Considerations

We are a forward-thinking women’s healthcare company dedicated to fulfilling the unmet needs of today’s women, and we take our responsibility to patients, employees, the medical community, and the communities in which we live and work very seriously. We are a US emerging company that is focused on growing as a commercial organization. We recognize that as we grow, we have an opportunity to positively influence a variety of environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations and partner with companies that reflect our values as a company and our commitment to our larger community. We plan to seek ways to incorporate these ESG considerations into our business plans with a strategic focus on the following areas:

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
We are committed to promoting diversity in our workforce and to taking steps to support equity and inclusion for all. We believe that these values provide us with a competitive advantage that can drive creative and innovative thinking and ultimately enhance our business. We have a diverse Board and leadership team supporting our commercial operations. Overall, of the last 7 openings on our Board and management team, 6 have been filled with women candidates. We remain committed to enhancing our Board and workforce diversity by ensuring we have a gender-balanced and diverse slate of qualified candidates for all open positions, advancing the development of diverse talent, and pursuing diverse succession plans both in our employee workforce and our Board.
Patient Support
Advancing women’s health is at the core of our mission. Our current product and product candidates are designed to offer women more freedom and flexibility through additional contraceptive options. The key phase 3 clinical trial we conducted to support the approval of Twirla, our current transdermal contraceptive product, included a broad and diverse population of women representative of the U.S. female population seeking hormonal contraception. The trial included women across a broad range of demographic characteristics such as age, race, ethnicity and weight and was one of the first trials to generate data on the relationship between weight and the safety and efficacy of a hormonal contraceptive. We are also committed to making our products as accessible as possible in all communities and work with numerous stakeholders to enable this access as appropriate. We support this commitment with a comprehensive series of programs that include educational, product replacement and co-pay support implemented in a compliant way. We also have engaged more broadly with women’s health advocacy groups and other advisory groups to understand the needs of the patients we seek to help.
Employee Wellness

We believe that our employees are a key to our success. We are dedicated to investing in our employees and workplace culture. As part of this effort, we have put in place several financial wellness programs to help empower our workforce including offering a 40l(k) match program, short-term and long-term disability insurance, and educational programs to help employees understand how to manage their finances. We also offer several programs to promote the physical and mental wellbeing of our employees, including an employee assistance program, disease management and prevention programs and financial incentives to encourage physical and emotional fitness.

  • Our Response to COVID-19:Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, the health and safety of our employees and their families has been our top priority. We have followed health and safety guidance from state and local health authorities, taking a phased and measured approach to returning our employees to the office and implementing a wide variety of safety measures and protocols to minimize the spread of the virus. We have enhanced our internal communications and touch points to ensure connectivity to our workforce, introduced collaboration tools and provided employees with flexibility to take additional time off for vaccinations and recovery time as needed.
Environmental Impact
We are cognizant of our responsibility to our broader environment and our need to grow in a sustainable way. Prior to the pandemic and working remotely, we supported several green measures in an effort to reduce our Company's carbon footprint in our corporate office.,. We continue to evaluate ways to enhance these and other sustainability measures as we make plans to return to our offices on a regular basis and build out our business.
We have adopted a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (“The Code”) which applies to all of our employees, officers and directors and outlines our commitment to ethical and compliant business practices. We promote compliance with all relevant government laws, rules and regulations; honest and ethical conduct; protection of company assets; and fair dealings and timely and accurate disclosures in all company reporting. All employees are required to understand, comply with and report any suspected violations of the Code and the Code is reviewed periodically to ensure it is appropriate in scope and achieves the objectives above.
Community Service
We are committed to giving back to our communities. We partake in several employee-led community service initiatives. In addition, in 2020, rather than provide holiday gifts to employees, we donated those funds to various charities. In spring 2021, we launched our internal community outreach program – Agile Cares – and hosted the first of many team-building events to support causes that are meaningful to our employees and our overall mission.